Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 1, Square 7

Artist: Ruth Amster Meador

Kassel, Germany - Amsterdam - Manchester - New York

From my home in Kassel, Germany I was sent to Amsterdam, Holland in January 1939. Since I was only seven years old I remember very little. However, I do remember that all the children were allowed and encouraged to write a few words on a postcard — probably once a week. These cards were lined (for the younger children) and pre-addressed by the parents.

It was this postcard which crossed from Holland to Germany to England — Kichener Camp — and finally to America — telling my father in the U.S. my whereabouts. My present family — husband and two sons — helped me to make this square. They give me the support and confidence and love that I need.

This square is to remember all the Kinder — those who died and those who lived, thank you to all who helped.

I must also thank the Christian people who helped me and other children and also to the Levenes and extended family from Manchester and South Wales. This is my family today. I am also grateful to Great Britain for taking this handful of children, and to the United States for the opportunities to pursue my life.


Ruth Meador


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