Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 2, Square 15

Artist:  Alice Masters (nee Eberstark)

The group photograph of the Eberstark/Dorner family was taken after the children had left on a Kindertransport which departed from Czechoslovakia at the end of June and arrived in the UK in July 1939.

From left to right: Sidonia Dorner Eberstark, the children’s mother, Margit Dorner, the children’s aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Dorner, the children’s maternal grandparents, and Salamon Eberstark, the children’s father. Anna Eberstark, the children’s paternal grandmother is in the separate picture on the right.

Which town and country did you come from?
Trstena, Orava, Czechoslovakia

When did you leave?
June 1939

How old were you when you left?

Did any of your siblings leave with you and if so, how old were they?
Yes, 2 — 15 and 10 on a Kindertransport (2 sisters)

Where did you go in England?
A children’s home in Burgess Hill Sussex (Wyberlye)

Who took care of you in England (family, hostel, school, or other)?
We were in Wyberlye, a children’s home in Burgess Hill for about 1-1/2 years.

How old were you when you left the institution or family to fend for yourself? 15 1/2

Did any of your family survive the war and if so, who?
Nobody survived — neither of my parents, grandparents, nor aunts, uncles and cousins!

Were you reunited with any of your family after the war and if so, with whom? Many years later, with a cousin from Poland. We found each other through Yad Vashem.

Why and when did you leave England and where did you go? I left England in March 1948 to accept a position in Washington, DC with the International Monetary Fund

Alice Masters (nee Eberstark)


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