Kindertransport Association Conference 2012
NOVEMBER 2-4, 2012

Register for the 2012 Conference
The Kindertransport Association will hold its biennial international gathering, Kindertransport Conference 2012 – Generation to Generation; Honoring the Legacy, Transforming the Future, in Irvine, California, November 2–4, 2012. The conference will feature workshops and speakers honoring the legacy of the Kindertransports, a rescue movement that took place on the eve of World War II and saved nearly 10,000 German, Austrian, and Czech children at a time when much of the world turned a deaf ear. Most Kindertransport children never saw their parents again.

This conference, the first to be organized by members of the second generation (with input and advice from the first) will be an opportunity for Kinder and their kinder (children) and grand-children to join together in celebrating and honoring the legacy of the Kindertransports with an eye to passing the torch to the next generations. Kinder and their families—wherever they live in the world - are invited to attend. Scholars and researchers are also welcome.

The Kindertransport is a story of parents making heartbreaking decisions to save their children’s lives by sending them to strangers in a another land for safety, not knowing if they would ever see them again. It is a story of children surviving and creating new lives for themselves after living through an unthinkable tragedy. And now, nearly seventy-five years later, it is a story of hope and steadfast determination.

The hotel and conference center is located in a beautiful part of Irvine California which is offering an affordable discounted rate for those from outside the Los Angeles area that will extend both before and after the conference for those wanting to make a longer visit. The location is easily accessible from three local airports and for those needing special assistance to or from the hotel or while in attendance, we will do everything possible to be of help. It is near many Attractions including Disneyland, Hollywood, many museums, The Long Beach Aquarium, Knotts Berry Farm, Lego Land, and is 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

You can download registration forms and pay online or by check. And if you have any questions, please write us at


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