Exhibit Panels 1 - 4

Panel 3: The November 9 Pogrom

Panel 3: The November 9 Pogrom

Panel 1: The Kindertransport Journey

Overview. The first Berlin transport, December 1, 1938

Panel 2: Five shots in Paris

Herschel Grynszpan, 17 years old, assassinates the German diplomate von Rath to avenge the deportation of his parents to Poland. November 7, 1938. "With God's help… I have to protect in such a way that the whole worlds hear my protest" - Herschel Grynszpan.

Panel 3: The November 9 Pogrom

Herschel's shots serve as pretext for the long planned pogrom. "The night of terror began with loud banging and the sound of broken glass." - Anne L. Fox

Panel 4: The Kindertransport rescue

The pogrom galvanized rescue efforts in Britain: the Jewish refugee committees and the government; chronology. "Here is the chance of taking the young generation of a great people." - Sir Samuel Hoare, in Parliament, November 21, 1938

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