The Kindertransport Association

The KTA is a not-for profit organization, headed by a membership-elected national Board of Directors with active chapters in Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Toronto, Washington DC, and New York. Informal Kinder networks exist in many other parts of the United States, Canada and in Israel. The KTA publishes a quarterly journal, Kinderlink, and the Speaker’s Bureau provides materials and speakers for public forums. The KTA sponsors regional informal and social gatherings and from 1990 -2015 held biennial national conventions featuring prominent speakers and workshops on a variety of themes – historical, psychological, generational – suggested by the membership. From 2016 forward, the KTA participates in the annual conferences of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants. The KTA also raises funds to help children in danger and need, as we once were.

The KTA provides an opportunity for its members to finally express and share feelings often long suppressed; to form new friendships; to enhance understanding between Kinder and their families; and to give meaning to a common historical experience – shaped by the comradeship of our own dramatic escape and by the inescapable sense of loss and trauma we share with all Jews of the Holocaust generation.

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