Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 1, Square 2

Artist: Hans R. Weinmann

In honor of Fanny and Abe Davis of London, England Who saved my life.

My selection for the Kindertransport from Vienna in June 1939 was enabled by being sponsored by Fanny and Abe Davis, then of 14 Woodfield Avenue, London SW 16. They acted on the request of my mother’s cousin Ida Platzek, who joined their household as a housekeeper several months earlier and therefore was able to leave Vienna. Although the Davis’ had three children of their own, two at home and one in the army, they took me, then a teenager, into their home and treated me as one of their own. Mrs. Davis was also instrumental in arranging a sponsorship for my older brother through her brother. Their generosity and kind¬ness most likely saved our lives.

When the evacuation of children from London was ordered shortly after the outbreak of WWII the Davis family, as well as I, moved to Sussex. We returned to London in the spring of 1940. Word was received that my parents were able to leave Germany in December 1939 and had arrived in New York. Efforts for me to rejoin them were successful and I left London in June 1940 alone on a ship convoy.

In the USA, I completed high school, was inducted into the US Army, and served in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII. Following a honorable discharge I studied engineering, became a Registered Professional Engineer and worked in that field for 37 years, mostly as an automotive engineer for General Motors. I retired in 1986. Hans R. Weinmann W. Bloomfield, Michigan


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