Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 1, Square 3

Artist: Berta S. Wesler

In honor of Fanny and Abe Davis of London, England Who saved my life.

I was born in Dortmund, Germany in 1928. My parents were from Po¬land and had lived in Germany for many years. We were a family with seven children. After having been deported to Poland in October 1938, we were returned to Dortmund. Sometime in mid-December 1938, I, together with my sister Klara, (who was less than two years older) left Dortmund with a Kindertransport and we traveled through Holland to Rotterdam where we embarked on a ship for England. The voyage was quite uneventful. I recall having a piece of paper I wanted to throw away on board. There was a steward nearby and I was so busy mentally formulating the question in English “where is ze paper basket?” that I failed to see that there was one quite near me and the steward with an amused look on his face merely pointed to it!

After we disembarked in Harwich and while we were waiting to be taken to Dovercourt, we were standing near a candy machine. There was a man with deep pockets in his coat who dipped into his pocket and came out with pennies which he inserted into the candy machine, one after the other, and handed the candies to us children.

After a stay in Dovercourt, several of us (including my sister Klara) were sent to Liverpool. I spent seven years there and then moved to London. After another seven years I emigrated to the United States. My husband Phil and I earlier this year moved to Lake Worth, Florida, which is now our primary residence.

My parents and a sister perished. Two older brothers had earlier gone to Palestine, in 1936 and 1938. A younger sister followed Klara and I to England nine months later, and an older brother was brought over by my guardians.

Berta S. Wesler
April 27, 1996


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