Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 2, Square 1

Artist: Alice Boddy (nee Gruenwald)

To salute the Kindertransport organizers for successfully managing the difficult task to rescue children out of Nazi occupied territories (following the infamous Kristallnacht on November 9/10th, 1938) and bringing several trainloads, prior to the outbreak of World War II, into Great Britain.

The magnitude and cruelty beyond imagination (I personally witnessed in Vienna, prior to my departure with a Kindertransport to England in April 1939) must never be forgotten!!!  Hopefully the various squares of this special quilt will be a permanent reminder and leave an irrefutable record of the Kindertransport children to show what it was like and how it felt to live through one of the most vicious periods in human history.


Alice Boddy ( nee Gruenwald)


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