Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 2, Square 4

Artist: Liese Einstein Fischer

On July 27, 1938, my brother and I left Augsburg, Germany on the Kinderstransport to England. We did not know our destination. Our parents put us on the train and we never saw them again. They perished in Auschwitz.

We were sent to Westgate on Sea Kent. My brother lived in the “Annex”, which was only for boys.  I lived with the host family.  The reason they took me was that we would be together in a kosher home.

War broke out September 1939.  I started to work at age 14 as a maid without pay.  Soon the schools closed. Most children got evacuated being that we lived on the coast. There was nothing to do for the boys.  My brother started to complain of pains in his legs and was told it was growing pains.  He was 15 years old. His condition grew worse.  He was running a fever and by January 27, 1940, his birthday, he was very ill.  Finally, he got medical help and was rushed to a hospital where he died February 26, my 15th birthday. Language problems and no money was our downfall.

Since my parents had not been deported at that time, I had to notify them of our loss. This was an extremely hard thing to do since they were hoping, being that he was the older one, he would take care of me.


Liese Einstein Fischer



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