Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 2, Square 5

Artist:  Erika Gorin

Which country did you come from?

Berlin, Germany

When did you leave?

January 1939

How old were you when you left?

15-3/4 years

Did any of your siblings leave with you and if so, how old were they?

A brother, 6-1/2 years

Where did you go in England?



Who took care of you in England (family, hostel, school, or other)?


How old were you when you left the institution or family to fend for yourself?

17 years

Did any of your family survive the war and if so, who?

Yes, mother

Why and when did you leave England and where did you go?

I was in England on trans-immigration visa to U.S.A.


Erika Gorin


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