Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 2, Square 10

Artist:  Hanna Schwarz (nee Klein)

This quilt square represents the combined design efforts of Hanna Schwarz, née Klein, and daughters, to picture the “Auswanderung” (exodus) from my home in Bad Neustadt a/S, via train (Kindertransport) from Frankfurt a/M, including a copy of my “Kinderauslage Nr. 6/1939,” crossing the German border into Holland.  We continued on to Hook of Holland and crossed the English Channel by overnight ship, arriving in Harwich, England, on August 25, 1939, in the morning.

All five Klein siblings were then sent by bus to London where our 3-1/2-year-old brother was separated from the 15- and 14-year-old brothers and the 13- and 12-year-old sisters and was sent to a children’s home in southern England.  The remaining four siblings were taken to a boarding school — Stoatley Rough in Hazelmere.  The two boys were sent to work on the farm; the girls continued school until 14 years of age and then went to work. In late 1940, we were reunited with our youngest brother.

Eventually, four of us emigrated to the USA after the war and our sister remained in England with her English husband.  Our parents never escaped but the rest of us are always in contact with each other.


Hanna Schwarz


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