Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 4, Square 1

Artist: Adrienne Behrendt

I believe my father started the Kindertransport Association as an attempt to begin his own healing process, a process he has desperately been searching for, for most of his life.  Also as a way to find, connect and talk to others who, like himself, lived and experienced the same things he did as a child.

To unite all the kinder, now adults, for the first time in 60 years, to, as he put it, talk to and fill in the blanks of depressed memories he has blocked out all these years.  To try and bring some kind of sense and closure to his and other’s lives.  

And to provide a space for the kinder to share their experiences and history with future generations.

There is not much I can say that the kinder have not heard before about his life.  However, since his passing I will be taking a more active role in the KTA to make sure his life’s work and legacy continue on.

Adrienne Behrendt

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