80 Years On: Commemoration of the Kindertransport
NOVEMBER 15, 2018

80 Years On: Commemoration of the Kindertransport

On Thursday 15th November 2018 at a central London venue, there will be a commemoration for those who arrived on the Kindertransport, their descendants, the foster families who took in children, faith communities and charities to recognise the heroic efforts of those who helped rescue 10,000 children on the eve of the Second World War.

The event will mark 80 years to the day when Jewish, Quaker and community leaders met with Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to ask him to offer Britain’s help to the Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution.

The commemoration will also recognise the great contributions to Britain of the child refugees who arrived, and celebrate our country’s proud history of providing sanctuary to those fleeing conflict and persecution and those British citizens who offered help and homes to vulnerable children.

We invite representatives of all those connected to the Kindertransport and would welcome applications for invitations from Kinder especially, but also their descendants, from foster families who took in Kinder and/or their descendants, from those who assisted in organisations, faith groups or as individuals and from those representing faith groups and refugee organisations active then and now.

If you wish to attend or know of someone who is in one of the groups listed who we would love to welcome, please email kindertransport@safepassage.org.uk mentioning your/their involvement, so invitations can be issued.

The event will be invitation only but we have a 1,000 seat venue and welcome all applications. Queries about the event can be directed at the same email address.

We hope to welcome as many of those connected to the Kindertransport as possible on 15th November.

Lord Alf Dubs, Barbara Winton

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