Memories of the Kindertransport -Jewish Museum London
NOVEMBER 8, 2018 to FEBRUARY 10, 2019

“Memories of the Kindertransport” is an exhibition and programme of engagement that will run from November 8, 2018 – February 10, 2019
to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the first Kindertransport to arrive in Britain. This project aims to help people of all backgrounds better understand the political and humanitarian complexities involved in the Kindertransport and discuss it as a story of courage and kindness, whilst also recognising the huge levels of family disruption and suffering caused.

The exhibition will center around the stories of six former Kindertransport refugees who continue to work with us today. It will bring together their memories and reflections through new filmed testimony combined with poignant objects from our museum collection to enable audiences of all ages and backgrounds to learn about how these important personal stories are deeply intertwined with significant global history. The wider impact of the project will be achieved through a programme of talks, tours and, significantly, the development of a school’s workshop that will carry on the message of the Kindertransport refugees for schoolchildren when they are unable to share it themselves.

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