Kindertransport: A Transnational Journey

DECEMBER 1, 2024

The KTA is thrilled to be partnering with the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility to support exciting new scholarship on the Kindertransports:
Kindertransport: A Transnational Journey
By Amy Williams and William Niven, to be published by Yale University Press in 2024, in the 85th year after the Kindertransports.

World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants Conference

NOVEMBER 4, 2022

The World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants (WFJCSH&D)32nd Annual Conference, St. Louis, MI

This conference was postponed from the original dates in fall 2020. After this break, the WF Conferences will continue to bring together the community of generations of Child Holocaust Survivors.

The Kindertransport Association (KTA) will be there, as will members of Generations of the Shoah International (GSI). Join us!

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Without a Home: Kindertransports from Vienna

NOVEMBER 9, 2021 to MAY 15, 2022

The exhibition is devoted to Viennese children who were sent abroad without their parents from winter 1938 to the start of World War II in autumn 1939. The children who escaped to countries that were later invaded by the Nazis were once again caught up in the deadly persecution and in some cases failed to survive. Great Britain, which took in the largest number of children, appeared to be a safe haven. But the arrival there also marked the end of childhood.

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Becoming Dr. Ruth at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, NYC

DECEMBER 4, 2021 to JANUARY 2, 2022

Becoming Dr. Ruth chronicles the life of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, from her early years fleeing Nazi Germany via Kindertransport, living as an orphan in Switzerland, time as a sharpshooter in the Israeli armed forces, and her life and career in New York. A humorous and heartfelt portrait detailing Dr. Ruth's remarkable journey to become the world's most famous sex therapist. Tovah Feldshuh stars in this illuminating one-woman show.
In person at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.

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KTA Membership Meeting

DECEMBER 15, 2021 7:30 ET

KTA Members gather together virtually to ask questions of the KTA Board, learn what's been going on and is being planned, and elect new members to the 2022 KTA Board.

KTA Hanukkah Gathering


On the last night of Hanukkah, we will gather KTA member families together virtually and light our candles and say our Hanukkah blessings and sing Hanukkah songs together.


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