Dr. Ruth Reflects on Escaping Nazi Germany 80 Years After Kindertransport

Before she became a world-renowned Sex Expert, Dr. Ruth Westheimer was 10-year-old Karola Ruth Siegel, one of thousands of Jewish children in Germany saying goodbye to their families for a life-saving journey.

"If I had not been sent from Frankfurt. If I had not been on that train on January 5, 1939 from Frankfurt to Switzerland I would not be alive," Westheimer said.

Sadly, the rest of her family was murdered. An exhibit at the Center for Jewish History showcases the rescue effort.

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Inge and Ellen: my family and the Kindertransport

An article in the London Financial Times written by the grandson in a family that took in two German Kinder. The Kinder are KTA members, and the families are still close.

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