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These resources have been compiled by the Kindertransport Association as an effort to make it easier for students and interested parties to locate all the best materials in print, film, and online. Use the search feature or browse by category using the links to the left. More history and stories about the Kindertransport can be found in our History and Voices sections.

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A Cracked River
Hirschhorn, Norbert. London: Slow Dancer Press, 1999.

Broken Homes: Three Kindertransport Poets
Lawson, Peter. Bergan Journals, 2008, New Milford, CT.

This essay in the journal CRITICAL SURVEY, Vol 20, No. 2, discusses how the Holocaust affected the work of Jewish poets who were relocated to England as part of the Kindertransport.

Kindertransport, Before and After, Elegy and Celebration elegy and celebration : sixty poems, 1980-2007
Kramer, Lotte . Centre for German Jewish Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 2007.

Selected Poems
Gershon, Karen. New York: Harcourt Brace and World, 1966.

Poetry by a Kind who left Germany at the age of 15.

Shedding Skins
Wolff, Marion. San Luis Obispo, California: Central Coast Press, 2004.

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Through short memoirs, essays, and poetry, "Marion Wolff takes us through her fascinating life from childhood in Nazi Germany to the crazy, complicated life of retirement" (cover of book).

The Phantom Lane
Kramer, Lotte. Ware, England: The Rockingham Press, 2000.

Turning the Key
Kramer, Lotte. Rockingham Press, United Kingdom, 2009.

LOTTE KRAMER has been described as a “Holocaust poet” and it is true that she writes feelingly about the family and friends she left behind when she came to Britain in 1939 in the Kindertransport. But her canvas is much broader. She writes about the landscapes of modern Europe, about the Fen Country where she now lives and about paintings and literature.

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