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Online Resources

A Thousand Kisses Stories of the Kindertransport
WeinerLibrary . Harwich Haven: Surrender and Sanctuary, Harwich, UK, 2018.


This exhibition tells the story of the Kindertransports through the experiences of eight children and the loved ones they left behind, whose documents, letters and memoirs are amongst those held in the Wiener Library Collections. It is a story of persecution, migration, of refugees who were made welcome and those who were turned away.

About Face: German and Austrian Jewish G.I.s in WWII
Karras, Steve. Bulletproof Film, Inc., 2006.


ABOUT FACE documents the as-yet-untold World War II story of young Jewish men who escaped certain danger at the hands of the Nazis and returned to fight them in Europe and North Africa. Told through the eyes of these men, the film chronicles the journey from Nazi victim to refugee and, finally, to Allied soldier and hero.

Anne Frank Guide: The Kindertransport


This student-oriented web page offers an overview of the Kindertransport as well as a profile of Nicholas Winton and a link to an article about Kind Alfred Batzdorff.

Association of Holocaust Organizations


An international network for the advancement of Holocaust education, remembrance and research

Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR): Kindertransport


The official web home of the British Kinder.

Ballyrolly House, Millisle, Co. Down


Ballyrolly House stood in 70 acres of land in Millisle, Co. Down. The Belfast Jewish Community saw to it that the farm would house Kindertransport refugees.

BBC History OnLine


By typing "Kindertransport" in the search field, you will access all programs relating to the Kindertransport aired on BBC television, radio and websites.

BBC Teach: WWII, Nicholas Winton
BBC, 2020, UK.


In 1938, Nicholas Winton was a young stockbroker in London. He was keenly aware of the events unfolding on the continent.

Jews were under threat in Nazi-occupied Europe. Anti-Semitism was established in law and violence against Jewish buildings and businesses was increasing. It was clear to many that worse would follow.

British Library Jewish survivors of the Holocaust


These recordings are powerful personal accounts of the Holocaust from Jewish survivors living in Britain. The interviews were selected from a much larger oral history project, the Living Memory of the Jewish Community, which recorded testimony between 1988-2000. The project was developed with the specialist advice of leading Jewish historians and complements a number of collections held by the Sound Archive on Jewish life in Britain.

Dig World War 2: The Millisle Farm Story
Snow, Dan and Litvack, Leon. BBC One Television, 14 Aug 2013.


Dan Snow interviews Leon Litvack about the Millisle Farm Project

Dokin:German and Austrian War Children In The Netherlands
Keesing, Miriam. Duitse Oorlogskinderen In Nederland, Amsterdam, January 2014.


Dokin is a Dutch acronym for Duitse Oorlogskinderen In Nederland (German War Children in the Netherlands).

Here you will find information about the refugee children from the Third Reich who came to the Netherlands after Kristallnacht.

Almost 2000 children came to the Netherlands between November 1938 and September 1939.

Escape From the Holocaust 1939
Moratz, Ralph . USA, 2015.


Ralph Moratz writes of his childhood journey from Berlin, via Kindertransport to France, and in September 1941 to New York. One of his childhood companions was concert promoter Bill Graham.

Exploring 20th Century London: Kindertransports


A British overview of the Kindertransport, with links to documents pertaining to Kind Grete Glauber, who later took on the surname of her adoptive mother, Quaker schoolteacher Olive Rudkin.

Gerettet Berichte von Kindertransport und Auswanderung nach Großbritannien
Thune, Eva-Marie. Hentrich und Hentrich Verlag, Berlin, 2019.

Website |

Eva-Maria Thüne visited 36 Kindertransport 'children' and held talks with them in 2017-2018. The main concern of the linguist was to gain knowledge about the attitudes of the rescued towards the German and the acquisition of the English language. As a study on the language of migrants, von Thüne's investigation includes questions about language change, linguistic and cultural affiliation and identity.
Her website includes links to the interviews

German and Austrian War Children In The Netherlands
Keesing, Miriam. DOKIN, 2013, Netherlands.


Dokin is a Dutch acronym for Duitse Oorlogskinderen In Nederland (German War Children in the Netherlands). Here you will find information about the refugee children from the Third Reich who came to the Netherlands after Kristallnacht.

There were almost 2000 children that came to the Netherlands.

On this website you will find information on these children and about this period in Dutch history.

Girl Museum madchen des kindertransport
Rosborough, Kelsey


Girl Museum is the first museum in the world dedicated to girlhood. We are a virtual museum for exhibitions, education, and raising awareness about girls and girlhood globally. We are also an information platform for social/cultural dialogue and investigation.

We research and collect cross-cultural historic and contemporary images and stories from and about girlhood around the world. Through exhibitions, publications, and projects, we explore and document the unique experience of being born and growing up female.

Hebrew University Jerusalem Holocaust Oral Histories


The 1,400 Holocaust audio interviews and transcripts reflect the vast scope of oral histories collected by researchers which have been archived at the Oral History Division of the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They include interviews conducted in the early 1960s. The collection developed over the past 60 years as more research was undertaken by established and emerging scholars and questions relating to the experience of Jews under Nazism broadened. This resource should provide an invaluable tool for researchers in Holocaust studies.

Holocaust & the Kindertransport: Vera
Gissing, Vera. Teachers TV, England, 2007.


A 5 minute video of Vera Gissing, a Kind from Czechoslovakia, remembering her Kindertransport experience and reuniting with an old friend.

Holocaust Memorial Center


Located in Michigan, the Holocaust Memorial Center's collection includes the three Kindertransport Memory Quilts, made with memorial squares contributed by members of the Kindertransport Association.

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust


The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, based in London, has an online archive of articles about the Kindertransports.

Ilse and Molly Camis StoryCorps
Camis, Ilse and Molly. StoryCorps, October 13, 2015.


Kindertransport survivor Ilse Camis speaks with daughter Molly Camis at the 2015 Kindertransport Association conference.

Imperial War Museum


This museum in London has a collection of documents relating to the Kindertransport.

Interview with Holocaust Survivor Ester Golan, Survivor and Kindertransport Child
Berman, Kathryn . Yad Vashem, 2012.


My family had wanted to leave Germany together, but unfortunately we could not get a family visa. My parents wanted to leave Germany for Palestine. My mother was a Zionist, but they didn’t have enough money to leave...By saving her family, my mother ensured the continuation of her family.

Only my parents were left in Berlin.In October 1942, they were sent to Theresienstadt, where my father perished in 1943.

Interview with Sir Nicholas Winton
Simon, Bob. 60 Minutes, CBS News, 2014, New York.


In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 60 Minutes looks back at Bob Simon's 2014 profile of Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved 669 children from the Nazis.

Video and transcript.

Israel Uncensored: Remembering the Holocaust - From Home
Hasten, Josh. Sound Cloud, The Land of Israel Network, Israel, 04/21/2020.


In the age of Corona, this year's annual Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day in Israel will be commemorated at home through technology. To discuss this reality and to share his story of survival with Josh Hasten, is Walter Bingham, who at 96, is the world's oldest radio talk-show host. Hear how he survived Kristallnacht as a young teen, and was fortunate to make it to England on a Kindertransport. Bingham eventually made Aliyah where he continues to this day, his career in journalism. Don't miss the interview with Bingham - a truly inspiring Jewish treasure and hero.

Jewish Wikipedia: Kindertransport
White, Jack. 2017.

Website | Kindertransport Info Quakers

This website includes articles on various aspects of Kindertransport history, and links to many short videos.

Judaic Academic and Library Links


A list of links compiled by the University of Pennsylvania Library.

London, 2008.


A collection of personal reminiscences and tributes from people who were rescued on the Kindertransport, collected by the Quakers in Great Britain in 2008.

KIndertransport Association Oral History Project Interviews
Hacker,Grosz, Kollisch


A selection of the interviews conducted by the KTA Oral History Project. Interviewers were all KT2. Interviews done at reunions in the early 1990's. Placed online by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Interviews and transcripts are also at the Holocaust Memorial Center, Farmington Hills, Michigan & the Wienner Library, London.

Kindertransport Library of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain


In 1933 Meeting for Sufferings (the executive body of the Society of Friends) set up the Germany Emergency Committee (GEC),later renamed the Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens (FCRA),in response to anti-Jewish laws of the new Nazi regime.

This is a list of Kindertransport research resources.

KIndertransport Museum in Vienna
Milli Segal, December 2014, Vienna.

Website | Contact:

“Für das Kind” is dedicated to all who helped ten thousand – mostly Jewish - children in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland to escape and to survive the Nazi machinery of death between 1938 and 1939.

The first Kindertransport from Vienna left on 10 December 1938 going from Westbahnhof to London, the last one on 22 August 1939.

Visits by appointment

Kindertransport photographs
Arbuckle, Alex Q. .


A webpage of an introduction to the Kindertransport history and photographs of Kinder arriving and at Dovercourt.

KIndertransport Teaching Resources, British National Archives
British National Archives


A collection of Kindertransport related documents, downloadable for classroom use.

Kindertransport: Britain's rescue plan
Kaczmarska, Ela. National Archives, February 26, 2010, Washington DC.


The Wiener Library holds many personal accounts of children evacuated from Nazi Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia between December 1938 and September 1939. Using individual first-hand accounts sourced from The Wiener Library and documents held at The National Archives, this talk gives insights into how Britain dealt with the refugee children who arrived on the Kindertransports and the difficulties they faced.

Kindertransports from North Rhine-Westphalia
Lissner, Cordula, Reuter,Ursula, Stellmacher, Adrian . Kindertransport Project Group of the Yavneh Memorial and Educational Centre, Cologne, Germany, 2016.


The Project ‘Kindertransports from North Rhine-Westphalia’ had the aim of putting together the full story of the Kindertransport from the Rhineland and Westphalia, about which up until now only fragments had been known, and making the results available to the memorial centres in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, especially their educational departments.

Kitchener Camp Refugees to Britain in 1939
Weissenberg, Clare . Great Britain, 2017.


The aim of this website is to gather together Kitchener camp documents, letters, photographs, and histories.

We hope to create a better understanding:
of how the Kitchener men escaped from Germany, Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia in 1939

of what their lives and routines were like in Kitchener camp

and of what they went on to do when the camp closed down

Leo Baeck Institute


The Leo Baeck Institute for the study of the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry.
This research, exhibition, and lecture institute has significant archival materials on the Kindertransport.

Leo Baeck Institute Kindertransport Resources
Leo Baeck Institute, New York City, 2019.


In honor of their exhibit "Kindertransport: Rescuing Children on the Brink of War" Leo Baeck put some of their Kindertransport related documents online.

Letters From Children on the First Kindertransport
Green, Jessica. European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Blog, July 2016, London, England.

Website | European Holocaust Research Infrastructu

A mapped series of transcribed letters written by children while in transit on the first Kindertransport on 1 December 1938. The letters are addressed to their families back in Germany while the children are leaving them behind for the safety of England. They were subsequently transcribed by an anonymous source and sent to the JCIO by somebody who identified himself as Herr Flörsheim (or Mr Flörsheim) from Amsterdam. Beyond those few details, nothing is known about the specific provenance of this item or the individual children who wrote the letters themselves.

Margaret Kahn interview
Kahn, Margaret. Mercy Community, West Hartford, Ct, 2016.


Margaret Kahn, née Jonas, tells her lifer story, from Kindertransport on December 1, 1938 to a teaching hospital in London, marriage and life in Connecticut. At 94, she still volunteers to speak with young students.

Millisle, County Down—Haven from Nazi Terror
Taylor, Marilyn. History Ireland, 2001, Dublin, Ireland.


The story of the Refugee Resettlement Farm, which existed in Millisle, County Down from 1938 to 1948, is one of the little-known ‘secret histories’ of the Second World War in Ireland. To this remote, disused farm on the beautiful Ards peninsula, came, in the late 1930s, Jewish children who escaped on Kindertransports, together with older members of religious Zionist youth groups, and some adults, all refugees from Nazi terror.

Nicky & Vera: A Quiet Hero of the Holocaust and the Children He Rescued- webinar
Holocaust Museum Los Angeles. 04/18/21, Los Angeles.


Nicky & Vera is a new book, by award-winning author-artist Peter Sís, that introduces the Holocaust to youngsters ages 6-9. The panel features Barbara Winton, the daughter of Sir Nicholas Winton; Peter Sís, author and illustrator; and Michele Gold, Museum Board Chair and the daughter of Rita Berwald who journeyed to safety on a Kindertransport out of Leipzig, Germany.

Part of the Family, Christadelphians and the Kindertransport
Hensley, Jason

Website | Interviews with Kinder

Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust

"Part of the Family" is a book and video project attempting to catalogue the lives and experiences of Jewish refugees who lived with Christadelphians during the 1930s and 1940s. To that end, if readers know of anyone who could possibly be included in a future volume, please contact us.

Paul Heimann, A Kind from Vienna, speaks
Heimann, Paul. Crestwood School, Ontario, Canada, 2016.


Paul Heimann was born in Austria in 1923. When the Anschluss took place, Paul and his parents found themselves at the centre of Hitler’s ambitions, and they felt the full weight of Nazism with the Kristallnacht. Their synagogue was burned, and the stormtroopers prevented the fire department from taking action. Paul’s parents saw the writing on the wall, and they arranged to have Paul evacuated, and Paul was fortunate to join the kindertransport.

Paul was interviewed by a group of students at Baycrest in September 2016, where he shared his story, and even played a few tunes for them.

Project Jewish Life in Frankfurt
Lieberz-Gross, Till and Rieber, Angelika . Frankfurt, 2012.


The focus of our work is to keep in memory the lives of former Jewish Frankfurt citizens and to learn and teach about present-day Jewish life.

Ralph and Suzanne Samuel StoryCorps
Samuel, Ralph and Suzanne., March 5, 2018, USA.


Kindertransport Survivor Ralph Samuel shares his life fistory with his daughter.

Robert and Eva
Suchmann, Mike . 2012.


KT3 Mike Suchmann has made this short
film about his Grandparens, both Kindertransport Survivors, their childhoods, how they met, and their 62 year marriage.

Ruth, A Little Girl's Big Journey
Westheimer, Ruth. USC Shoah Foundation, 2020, Los Angeles.


An animated short film for primary school students follows Dr. Ruth's Holocaust story of survival as a young girl to explore universal themes; fear, loss and lonliness, as well as resilience, bravery and hope.

Sir Nicholas Winton
The Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust. The Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust, UK, 2021.


This website features information and documentation on the life and work of Sir Nicholas Winton, who organized Kindertransports from Prague in the months before WWII.

The exhibition page ( covers the whole of Sir Nicholas’ life as well as his Kindertransport work and showcases many documents, photographs and artifacts from the archive to illustrate his story.

Still Here: Inspiration From Survivors & Liberators of the Holocaust
Marcus, Brian and Hersh, June. Itasca Books, 2016.

Website | Contact:

The book melds portraits of Holocaust Survivors, including several Kindertransport Survivors, with meaningful quotes to create a living legacy that both honors and informs. Their portraits reveal insight into who they are and their quotes speak volumes of how they feel the world should be. Browse the online gallery of portraits, draw strength from the quotes and join in the conversation by sharing your own family’s story.
Profits from the sale of Still Here will go to charities supporting Holocaust education.

Tante Truus ist hier!
Spaans, Leen. Committee Statue for Truus Historical Society Alkmaar, 2018, Alkmaar.

Website | Contact:

The statue for Truus Wijsmuller is finished and is worthy in Alkmaar for placement and unveiling, that is to say: when the corona crisis is over. In principle, Tuesday, April 21, 2020 would have been the day of the unveiling. With a reception in the Grote Kerk, guests from home and abroad, some surviving children from 1938-1940, the sculptors Annet Terberg-Pompe and Lea Wijnhoven, and many others.

Teaching "The Children of Willesden Lane"

Website | Facing History and Ourselves

Online resource for secondary school teachers. Includes classroom videos; a documentary profile of the author, pianist Mona Golabek; and a special performance where Mona retells her mother's story, weaving in the piano music from the book. The website complements the book's curriculum guide, created by Facing History and Ourselves

The Boy Alone in Nazi Vienna
The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide, London, 2018.


A cache of 40 letters discovered recently in a UK loft and digitised for The Wiener Library archive, documents the prelude to this more unusual experience from a child’s perspective.

The letters were written by a boy in Vienna to his mother, who was already in the UK, over the course of an agonising four-month separation. During this time each worked frantically towards a reunion that they could not be certain would happen as war clouds gathered.

The Ephraims and the Neumeyers
Locke, Tim. Tim Locke, East Sussex, UK, 2014.

Website | Contact:

Perspectives on family stories of Görlitz, Dachau, the Kindertransport and the Holocaust.

Tim Locke, whose mother Ruth(nee Ruth Neumeyer) and uncle Raimund escaped Nazi Germany on a Kindertransport to England, investigates and shares his family history from the 18th century forward.

The Girl Museum- Kindertransport
Girl Museum, Online, May, 2018.

Website | Mädchen des Kindertransport Study Guide

A lovely online resource, showcasing photographs, documents, and videotaped oral histories, with a robust study guide that meets common core educational goals.

The Global Directory of Holocaust Museums


A directory with links to museums throughout the world.

The Historical Association Alkmaar
de Historische Vereniging Alkmaar, Alkmaar, 2018.

Website | Tante Truus ist hier!

The Historical Association Alkmaar started in 2018 with a campaign to develop and fund a statue for Truus Wijsmuller-Meijer.

The municipality of Alkmaar and the Historical Association Alkmaar worked together towards the day of the unveiling: April 21, 2020, the birthday of Truus Wijsmuller-Meijer.

Given the coronavirus, this has unfortunately not happened. The Historical Association Alkmaar and the municipality of Alkmaar are currently discussing a new date for the unveiling of the statue.

Information can be found on the website Tante Truus is here!

The Millisle Farm in Co Down
Down County Museum


Jewish children, who escaped on Kindertransports, and other refugees from Nazi terror found refuge in a remote farm on the Ards peninsula in the late 1930s. The Belfast Jewish community had leased the farm to provide a home and living for these refugees. In Millisle and Donaghadee the local communities, including Millisle Primary School, proved to be firm friends of the farm, providing help with whatever was needed.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Use this website's search function to explore the museum's many Kindertransport-related resources.

Wiener Library


Located in London is the world's oldest Holocaust memorial institution. They have a large collection of Kindertransport materials.

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